THE EASYWAY TO PLAY GUITAR is the only music ebook that teaches you how to read and play Guitar at the same time. Most Guitar books simply show you how to imitate something that sounds like you know how to play Guitar when you really don’t. Others are filled with confusing chords charts that do not tell you where exactly to put your fingers and lastly most of them avoid the task of teaching you how to really read music. The few books that try are extremely expensive and usually come with devices that no one ever needed to learn to read music.

THE EASYWAY TO PLAY GUITAR does all three. It teaches you how to read music, make and strum chords and play Guitar as a GUITARIST not as an imitator. In addition, THE EASYWAY TO PLAY GUITAR is the best and LEAST EXPENSIVE method ebook for Guitar. It is designed to do all of the above - and more - at a price that everyone can afford.
The Easy Way To Play Guitar
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